• McCallum AB4 Bagpipes
The McCallum AB4 bagpipes are made from African Blackwood with a polypenco pipe chanter. These pipes are half imitation engraved, that means that they have imitation ivory projecting mounts, with engraved nickle ring caps, slides and ferrules. There is your choice of 4 different patterns of engraving. They are fully combed and beaded. McCallum Bagpipes are the most popular sets of blackwood pipes that we sell today. The engravings available are Thistle or Celtic. Standard Set-Up Includes Top Quality Components: Bannatyne synthetic pipe bag with zipper Standard EzeeDrone synthetic drone reeds Deluxe velvet bag cover with zipper and silk drone cords Brand name pipe chanter reed Please feel free to contact us if you would like to customize your set up!

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McCallum AB4 Bagpipes

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